Marc Mathes

Marc T. Mathes U.S. Navy 1978 – 2008 (Ret)


  • Spouse: Randella Mathes (1991 – Present)
  • Children: 2 Daughters/2 Sons
  • Grandchildren: 2 Grandchildren


  • Highest Rank: Master Chief (E-9)
  • Highest Award: Meritorious Service Medal


  • Legionnaire (2001 – Present)
  • Legion Rider (2005 - Present)
  • Sons of the American Legion (2022 - Present)
  • Joined the American Legion while on Active duty. Transferred from the Department Post 1000 to the Local Post 3, Hanford California in 2005 to help Charter the American Legion Riders at Post 3.  I became more active in the Post and the ALR, was elected to Second Vice Commander & later to First Vice Commander.  I was Chairman for the Boys State Program and was Post 3 Commander 2010 - 2012.  In the ALR, I was the Secretary/Treasurer, Vice President, & later was elected President of Chapter 3, Hanford, CA.  During this time I was also working as a Traffic Safety Specialist MSF Rider coach on NAS Lemoore Naval Base. I was elected to the position of Department ALR Safety Officer for several years and later the Area 3 Vice President.  I transferred to Tennessee, 'CSM Gary W. Crisp' Post 289 in May 2021.  I am currently the Post Judge Advocate and the Director of their New Chapter 289 American Legion Riders. I also joined the Sons of the Legion in 2021 at Post 289.


  • Joined the Navy in Cincinnati Ohio on Nov 20, 1978 & attended Bootcamp at Great Lakes, IL - Company 300. Attended A-School in Millington, TN.
  • I was assigned to China Lake, CA (Mojave Desert). Air Test and evaluation Squadron 5 (VX-5) working as a new jet mechanic testing new weapon systems for the fleet squadrons.  Working on the Light Attack aircraft A-7, TA-7, A-4M, TA-4J, A-6, EA-6B, OV-10, AH-1J, & the AH-1T Cobra Helicopters, as well as, the C1-A Trader cargo aircraft.  Promoted quickly to E-5 on that tour.
  • Was PCS to AIMD in Misawa, Japan in 1982.  I worked on 54-H60-77 propellers, T-56 turboprop engines, & reduction gear boxes.  We also worked on reciprocating 9 cylinder radial banked R1820 engines for the C-1A.  I was advance to E-6 While in Misawa, Japan & earned my Enlisted Warfare Specialist Wings, as well as, had collateral duties as QA Inspector / Customs Inspector for shipping equipment and cargo to Adam, Alaska.
  • I PCS back to the U.S. & was given two choices for duty stations, both in the Mojave Desert, so back to VX-5.  Now a E-6, I was soon multi Systems qualified on fuel systems, flight controls, hydraulics , Avionics and electrical systems on the A-7, F/A-18, A-6, E/A-6B, AV-8B, & the AH-1W Super Cobra Helicopter. I was also Certified to sign Safe-for-Flight for all of the above aircraft.  I was selected as  the Squadron and Light Attack Sailor of the Year.
  • Finally after 3 tours I PCS to VA-97 Warhawks on NAS Lemoore, CA.  The Squadron was assigned to the USS KittyHawk CV-63 and while bringing the ship around South America and transitioning to the FA-18 aircraft I was promoted to Chief (E-7).  
  • Immediately after accepting the new position I was transferred to the Marine Corp Base in El Toro, CA to work in Maintenance Control for the Marine fleet replacement and pilot training Squadron VMFAT-101. 
  • After a very successful 4 year tour deploying with the Marines two to three weeks every month on every Carrier available on the East and West coast and receiving two Navy Achievement medals and a Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal. I PCS back to the Navy, NAS Lemoore for Sea Duty with VFA-94 Mighty Shrikes.  Assigned to the USS Carl Vinson, USS Abraham Lincoln (including deployments in Desert Storm & the Gulf War). 
  • There I was promoted to Senior Chief (E-8).  I transferred (back to back) sea duty to VFA-146 Blue Diamonds where we made multiple deployment to the Gulf on the USS John C Stennis & USS Carl Vinson. 
  • Preparing to retire with well over 20 years of service I picked what I thought would be my last duty station (Inland Search and Rescue Squadron at NAS Lemoore, CA).  This turned out to be a enjoyable but short tour supporting and flying in three UH-1N Huey’s and a C-12 King Air passenger aircraft. However it was not my last.
  • I was PCS back to sea duty with VFA 154 Black Knights and a transition to the New Super Hornet aircraft.  After our first Deployment back to the Gulf. I was promoted to Master Chief (E-9). Completing 2 more deployment to the Gulf and around the world I retired with 30 years and 11 days of active duty service.
  • After retiring from the USN,  I worked 7 years with the NAS Lemoore Safety Department, as a Motorcycle Rider Coach , AAA driving improvement instructor, Alive at 25 Driving Instructor,

    and a member of the Naval Safety Counsel.

  • In 2014 is was hired by NAVFAC San Diego PWD Lemoore, CA as a Maintenance Worker and after 7 years retired as Supervisor WG-10.

  • 2021 Moved to Palmyra, Tennessee to be closer to my family and my grandson in Nashville, Tennessee.


  • Completed High School diploma while on active duty.

  • Advanced Life support Certification, Serra Costa Community College

  • Associates Degree from Columbia College of Missouri.

  • Utilities locator certification University Of Texas Arlington